Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still waiting

My wife and I celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday. It has been an amazing five years. When we got married, and were very much in love, I can remember countless people telling me to “just wait ‘till the honeymoon is over.” Everyone has their deadline to when that is. For some it’s after year one, yet when we were still going strong, that wasn’t enough. Then it became two, and then three years. Maybe it was supposed to end when we began having children. Yet, for us, the “honeymoon” may be over, but we are still in love, with a stronger marriage than ever.

Don’t misunderstand. There have been tough times. Just a month after our marriage we found out Deanna’s mom’s breast cancer had returned. This time, though, it was in her lungs, her bones and putting a lot of pressure on her brain. They gave her two years, and she made it a year and a half. We celebrated her life, and still mourn her death.

There was a lot of fear over children. We both wanted a family, yet it took two and a half years for Deanna to get pregnant. During that pregnancy my wife started growing another child. At least that’s what we called it. It was actually a fibroid tumor, bringing a lot of fear to our home. With her mom dying from cancer, we were grateful to find out that it wasn’t cancerous. For reasons I won’t get into, there was still the fear of not having any more children. Praise the Lord, we are expecting number two any time now!

There have, of course, been financial struggles. Isn’t that always the way it goes? We returned from our honeymoon to Florida with checks bounced and not a lick of sense. Sound familiar? We had it pretty easy some of the time, while other times it felt like just one more bill would be the end of us.

Through all of these things, which all the “experts” tell you can be the end of a marriage, we managed to stay strong. Tragedy, financial hardship and children; are there any more difficult struggles for a new marriage? Yet instead of it making us drift, it caused us to draw closer together. Through the love and mercy of God, we are stronger, closer and more ready than ever for the years to come.

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