Friday, March 13, 2009


"The Bible is the record of the activity of God. God is the center. Everything is of God, comes from God, and returns to God. In other words, we are faced at the very beginning with this category of revelation. It is God who speaks. It is God who acts. It is God who intervenes. It is God who originates, who plans everything everywhere. It is a revelation of what God is, and what God does. It is a record of God revealing and manifesting Himself."
- Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones

“The external words of Christ, just like the words of the prophets, are to prepare us for, and point us to, that inner speaking in the heart by the Holy Spirit, which alone is life and power…How many have sought by study and meditation and acceptance of the words of the Bible to find God, and yet have failed. They knew not that these were but the finger-posts pointing to the living Son,--words coming, indeed from God, most needful and profitable, and yet not sufficient; only yielding us their true blessing when they have brought us to hear God Himself in His Son.”
- Andrew Murray

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