Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Missional Renaissance

I wanted to write about “The Present Future” because I was working on Reggie McNeal’s follow-up book, “Missional Renaissance.”  If you have read and enjoyed “The Present Future”, I recommend this one as well.  The first book left me with a lot of questions, which this one helped to answer.

The subtitle of the book really spells out where McNeal is going to take us in this book: “Changing the Scorecard for the Church”.  Knowing there will be questions of “how” from leaders, he shows us how we can change the direction the church is going by changing the scorecard.  As he says throughout the book, people will do what gets celebrated.  So this book is written with that in mind.

The beauty of it for me is that it is written with leaders of traditional churches in mind, which is important if it’s going to do much good in today’s world.  I, for one, need help in figuring out just how to move a traditional church into becoming more missional.  This book gave me a lot to chew on and think about.  Once again I found myself reading with a notebook beside me, where I would often find myself writing down questions and ideas the book brought to my attention.

I find myself thinking differently these days.  I’m thankful for books like this one which have helped me to do so.  

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