Monday, July 23, 2012

Where is God?

Have you ever wondered this?  Have you ever wanted to know where God was?  Tragedy is happening everywhere, yet Christians claim to serve a God of love.  Well, where is this God now?

This is a really good question, and while there can be the obvious temptation to ignore the question and just hope it goes away, the question remains.  So let me, briefly, attempt to answer this question.

First, there is mystery.  No matter who answers this question, there will always be an element of mystery.  The question we must ask is this; where does the mystery belong?  Some say that mystery belongs in the will of God.  They would tell us that when tragedy strikes, it will, in the end, bring glory to God.

But God isn't as mysterious when it comes to His love as we might think.  God is love.  It is not something that He does, but something that He is.  So when we ask questions about how a man could go into a crowded theater and shoot down the innocent, or how a man, who claims to be doing good for society, turns out to be a pedophile, how can we possibly look to God and think He wanted this?  How could we possibly believe that God desired these things to happen?

So while there is mystery, let me say that I don't believe it falls on God, at least not in this case.  Instead, we need to look to the people who are doing these terrible things.  Indeed, when bad things happen in the Bible, the finger is not pointed to God, but to man, and the sin which is in each of us.  It doesn't take much to convince us that within humanity is the desire, quite often, to do evil.  We are a selfish people, and hurting others for our own good is pretty much the way we've been doing things since creation.

No, these tragedies in our lives don't belong to God; instead, they are brought on to us by the enemy, Satan, and the people who are living under his authority.

This doesn't mean, though, that during tragedy we don't point to God.  In fact, it is more important than ever during our times of suffering to look to God.  We look to Him God and we see a suffering Savior.  We see Jesus, who chose to not look on our suffering from a distance, but to become one of us and join us in our suffering.  He was made flesh and dwelt among us.  He was wounded on our behalf so we could, one day, know an end to suffering.

So for me the mystery isn't how God could have let this happen.  The mystery is why God would come be a victim with me.

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