Saturday, February 9, 2013

Movements that Changed the World

Recently I finished a book recommended to me called "Movements that Changed the World" by Steve Addison.  I thought it would be good to write a quick review here.  I really enjoyed the book, and found it gave me a lot of insight into the future of our church.  We are looking to plant a church in the near future, and this gave us some good insights into how we can go about doing this in the most effective way possible.

The sub-title to the book is "Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel."  These five keys are
                      - White hot faith
                      - Commitment to a cause
                      - Contagious relationships
                      - Rapid mobilization
                      - Adaptive methods

The author uses Scripture and history to show us how these things have been effective for the history of the church.  I love the fact that he uses so much history, such as Saint Patrick and the Moravians.  What I especially loved, considering my own church context, was his use of John Wesley and Francis Asbury.

The other thing about this is that the author doesn't just use history, but Scripture, showing how not only how these things are taught in the Bbile, but how they are worked out in the life of Jesus.

I recommend this book for church leaders as well as lay people.  It really isn't a "leadership" book as much as it is a book meant to give us the tools we need to move the church forward.

One other great thing about this book is the fact that at the end of the book, there is an opportunity to go deeper.  It has a book study in the back, going though each of these five keys with questions good for either individuals or groups.  Most books want you to buy both the book and the study, but here they are one and the same!

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