Monday, March 4, 2013

The History Channel presents The Bible

As I sat and watched The Bible last night on the History Channel, I was excited.  Yes, yes, I know there were some inaccuracies.  I know it was supposed to be a ram, not a sheep.  And I know Sarah wasn't supposed to be there.  I get that they did some things during the 2 hours which gave the Bible more drama, though that's a bit of a funny statement.  The Bible doesn't seem to be lacking drama!

But there were some strong messages which came through.  The power of God was put on display for the world to see.  Whether it was in Creation, the Flood, the Plagues, or the drowning of Egypt's army, it was clearly evident.  As Moses cries out that Pharaoh is not God, but only the God of Israel.  This was a powerful message.

Perhaps the most powerful message was when Abraham was going up the hill, and straight from the text in Genesis, says to Isaac, "The Lord will provide a sacrifice."  Powerful, to say that least.

Also evident was the faith of God's people, and those who lacked faith.  Then we got to see the consequences of both.  The faith of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Aaron was there for all to see.

I guess what really excites me is that there is more coming.  We will eventually get to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus.  This is the message we all need to see again and again.  I hope many are watching, and many find themselves capture by the love of God.

So aren't we missing the point?  Shouldn't we be excited that there are some in the entertainment industry who want to present the Bible to the nation in a fresh way?  At times Christians are the worse for criticizing those who are striving to do their best.  Shouldn't we be the ones encouraging, blessing and supporting this program?  I mean, we complain all the time about the junk on our television.  Now there is something worth celebrating, and we nitpick it to death.

Was it perfect?  Of course not.  Will I watch it again next week?  Absolutely.  All in all, I loved it, recommend it, and look forward to next Sunday as we take the next steps in the story of God working among men.

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