Monday, April 1, 2013

Is that in the Bible?

Probably not.

Okay, it might be.  But probably not.

There seem to be a lot of experts on the Bible out there.  They are everywhere.  They love to tell you things like, "Don't judge me!  The Bible says you can't tell me that what I'm doing is wrong."  Or "All sins are the same in the eyes of God."  One that probable gets said more than others is "This was God's will" when it maybe wasn't.

I was thinking the other day that we need a "Snopes" for Christians.  You know, a website that tells you whether something really is in the Bible.  Just a true/false list will be fine.  Something like this...

God helps those who help themselves - False

Do all you can, and leave the rest to God - False

God hates gay people - False

God defines marriage as between one man and one woman - True

Bad things happen to everyone - True

Then, as I thought about it some more, I realized we do have that.  Actually, it isn't a website, though it is on a lot of websites.  It's really a book.  You know...the Bible.  The problem is that we have Christians with one of two problems.

1. They believe what they want to believe.  You know the ones.  They don't really need a verse.  They just need someone to tell them something is in the Bible, and if it sounds good, than they accept it.  And when I say "sounds good", I mean it sounds like something they really want to be true.  So they accept something as from God simply based on their desire.  They are, in effect, creating God in their image.

2. They are lazy.  They don't take the time to look anything up.  Put quotation marks on something, and it must be true!  Name a book of the Bible, or throw Jesus in the sentence, and suddenly it's truth.  Authors, preachers and bloggers can get away with saying just about anything, and claiming it as gospel, because most people won't take the time to check for themselves.

As Christians, we have a responsibility   We are called to search out truth, and then to live it.  We all need to spend more time in Scripture, constantly asking God to correct the things we believe which aren't of Him, and to teach us new truths.

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